Digital Marketing Training Services 

Learn how to do SEO and online marketing for your own business, with our customised digital marketing training courses in Perth. We will show you how to get maximum results online, with fun and practical learning modules.

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What We Offer

We offer a range of digital marketing training services, whether you are looking to get started with digital marketing
for your business or simply want to improve your marketing skills, we can help!

SEO training

We teach you how to optimise your website and improve your rankings in major search engines. After our training course you will have a solid understanding of the following key elements of SEO:

  • Google Analytics implementation and tracking
  • Google My Business and local optimisation
  • Google Search Console
  • Writing strategic content
  • Backlink building and best practices

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Google Ads Training

Learn how to set up a PPC advertising campaign, with our Google AdWords Training course. During this course, we cover all of the following aspects of Google Advertising:

  • Setting up and navigating the AdWords interface
  • Understanding AdWords terminology
  • Keyword research, implementation and match types
  • Structuring campaigns and ad groups
  • Understanding different ad types
  • Writing engaging and effective ad copy
  • Improving ads with extensions
  • Optimising ad rank and quality score
  • Conversion tracking

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Social Media Advertising Training

We offer social media marketing training courses for both Instagram and Facebook. This course will give you an understanding on how to effectively use these platforms to advertise your business. After completion of our training course, you will understand the following key elements of social media advertising:

  • Types of social media advertising
  • When to use social media advertising
  • Setting up business profiles
  • Audience segmentation and targeting
  • Creating effective images and content
  • Analysing data

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