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Generate sales and reach customers who are actively looking for your products and services with a strategic Google Ads campaign.

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Why Google Ads?

Ailuros Digital is a Google Ads or Google AdWords management company in Perth, who can help your business achieve results and generate conversions. Find out how our Google Advertising services can help your business.

Find New Customers

You may already have a set of loyal customers, but what is the best way to go about growing your customer base?

If people haven’t yet heard of your company, it is going to be difficult for them to find you.

This is where our advertising services can help. Using a strategic campaign, we can help increase your web traffic to find new customers.

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Increase Brand Awareness

Get your company appearing for key search terms.

If customers don’t know your brand exists, they won’t be searching for you. Using PPC (pay-per-click) advertising can be a great way to get new customers and to push your brand to increase overall awareness.

We can help your brand appear on searches for the relevant services and products you offer. This means your company will be more easily recognised, so you are more likely to be on consumers’ minds.

Increasing brand awareness greatly helps your business in the long-term, as customers will remember your brand and start actively searching for your brand name.

Push Your Services and Promotions

Does your business offer something unique or specialised that you want to promote?

Using multiple targeted advertising campaigns, we can advertise special services, products promotions or offers that set your company apart from the rest.

With relevant and enticing ad copy, we help you appeal to consumers who are actively searching for the products and services your offer.

Using this unique selling proposition advertising strategy also gives you an advantage over competitors who are not running ads or who use a very general strategy.

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Advertise Locally and Globally

Does your business only service a particular location? Using location targeting, we can set your ads to appear for certain locations that your service.

This allows you to appeal to your target audience, in a manner that would not be as easily achieved using solely organic tactics.

Using location targeting can help prevent wasted budget, as only those who are in the relevant location are seeing your ads.

Flexible Budget to Suit Your Business

Advertising may sound expensive, but it doesn’t have to be!

The great thing about our Google AdWords management services is that you can have a flexible media spend that can be adjusted at any time.

This means regardless of whether you are a small local business or a much larger company, you can harness the benefits of a strategic advertising campaign to get new customers and increase sales.

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Our Advertising Process


Consultation and Business Audit

During the initial audit process, we begin to develop a detailed understanding of your business offering.

This is crucial to enable us to create strategically targeted ads. We will review any current Google Ads campaign or previous advertising you have run if applicable and suggest appropriate changes or a new direction depending on our findings.

During this process we also look for relevant pages on your website, considering the content and usability, as this will affect your ad campaign.

Appealing to your target consumers is crucial. So, throughout this entire process, we keep the buyers’ journey in mind, to give us a solid understanding of what advertising strategy will be most effective.


Keyword Research and Analysis

After we have an in-depth understanding of your business, we begin to conduct keyword research to find the most relevant search terms.

These are the queries that customer type into Google which results in your ad appearing. So, it is crucial that the keywords we focus on are highly relevant to the user’s search intent.

Having your ad appearing for irrelevant terms, or at the wrong point of the customer buying journey will only result in wasted budget.

This is why it is key that this process is done correctly to achieve the best results. We also may suggest implementing some of these terms on your website as relevant content to improve your ad score and to appeal to your consumers.


Campaign Development and Set -Up

Once we have all the necessary information from our initial research, we are able to begin setting up your Google Ads account and developing relevant campaigns for your services or product categories.

Our professional ad copywriters use strategic, engaging and relevant content to maximise clicks and sales.

We find the perfect balance between making your ads search engine friendly, as well as enticing for users reading the ad.

We optimise the campaign and corresponding ads to convert clicks into real customers.


Ongoing Management, analysis, and adjustment

You may think once your ads are set-up, that all there is to it. But it is not as simple as that!

One of the most important parts is actually the ongoing management and adjustment of the campaign, to ensure you are getting the highest return on investment. You may think more clicks and impressions are better, but if these clicks are not turning into customers, you are wasting time and money.

We work to ensure you don’t waste your budget on dead-end leads and irrelevant search terms. We do this by negativing out irrelevant search terms and making appropriate adjustments were necessary, so you can get the most out of your campaign. We are always completely transparent about our process, so you can be assured you are working with a trusted, expertise Google Ads advertising company.

Google Ads Frequently Asked Questions

Read about some of the frequently asked questions about advertising on Google.

Google Ads (formally Google AdWords) is an advertising platform that allows clickable ads to appear in Google’s search results and across the web. You can have different types of ads such as search ads, display or image ads, video ads, shopping ads, and app ads.
Google Ads uses a daily budget which you can set, so you have complete control over your spending. This means if your budget is used up early in the day, your ads simply won’t show for the rest of the day. The recommended spending depends on a variety of factors, particularly the industry you are in and how competitive your keywords are. Your business will require an in-depth analysis of the target audience, industry, keywords, and your product or services. Based on this information, our team can help provide you with a recommended budget that aligns with your goals. 
Ads can appear at different positions on a Google search. Generally, ads that appear higher in search results perform better as they are seen by more people. Google Ads takes in a variety of factors including the relevance of your ad to the original search query, competitors, the price you are willing to pay for a click and the quality score of your ad, among other factors. We will consistently review your ad’s performance and recommend a budget and changes to give your ads the best chance of ranking in Google.  
Are you searching from the correct location that we are targeting? Are you searching at the end of the day? If so, has your budget run out? Are your ads running on a set schedule?   Part of creating your Google Ads campaign involves selecting the search location. If you are outside of this location when you search for your ad, it will not appear. Your daily budget also affects how often your ads are shown. If your daily budget is already spent when you conduct a search, then your ad won’t show. Another reason your ad may not be showing is scheduling. If you check outside of scheduled hours set for your ad, you will not see it.    Please note that it is not advisable to search for your ad in Google. When you search for a particular keyword repeatedly but don’t click on the ad, this tells Google that the ad is not relevant to you, so it stops showing it. This also decreases your ad quality score which means your ad is less likely to appear in top positions. Rather than search for your ad, you can use the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool in Google Ads. We will also give you feedback and information about your ad's performance, so you can rest assured that your ad is running.