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Why Email Marketing? 

A strategic email marketing campaign can give your business unique advantages, allowing you to personalise your message for higher engagements and target specific consumers groups with special offers. Here are some of the ways our
email marketing services can help your business:

Appeal to Current Customers

Using our specialised email marketing services, we are able to target customers who have opted to receive information from your business and have shown interest in your product, service or content.

By sending emails to this current customer base, you can engage directly with them, to offer special offers or promotions.

By giving loyal customers certain rewards or discounts, you encourage repeat purchases and further cement their brand loyalty. Email marketing also aids to maintain top of the mind awareness, as they are reminded of your company.

So, when customers think of a particular service or product, your brand is at the forefront of their mind.

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Increase Brand Awareness

Email marketing campaigns can be a great way to increase brand awareness.

With a click of a button, your email can easily be forwarded and shared with others, helping to increase your reach.

This also improves your brand credibility, as the message is coming from individuals who have found your content interesting or relevant and want to share it with friends and family.

Low Cost, High Results

Email marketing can be done for a much lower cost than other types of advertising, making it a great option if you are looking for an affordable marketing strategy.

Even though it has a lower price, having a well-developed, strategic email campaign has the ability to generate a very high return on investment.

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Create A Targeted Strategy

Writing generic emails for a broad audience is unlikely to have the results you are after. This is why we develop a targeted email strategy so the individuals receiving your emails are interested and engaged with your message.

By customising the message for your specific audience, we generate a higher conversion rate with better results.

Get the most from your email marketing campaign with a personalised strategy.

Email marketing FAQs

Read about some of the common questions about email marketing.

In short, Yes! But unfortunately, many companies out there are going about it wrong. No one likes those spammy emails that are constantly trying to sell you something and end up going straight into the spam folder. Where these campaigns are lacking is in the content and value, they provide users. At Ailuros Digital, we know the strategies to create engaging email campaigns that provide real value to users. What makes our email marketing services so effective is the ability to reach customers directly, meaning more engagement and better results for your business.
Email marketing can help your business in a variety of ways from building brand awareness, establishing customer loyalty and increasing website traffic, to acquiring new customers and boosting sales. With email marketing, we can help you to turn visitors into loyal customers. This allows you to foster long-term relationships with your customers so that when they are ready to make a purchase, your business will be their first choice. It can also be a great way to build your business’ brand awareness and drive traffic to your website as people will share great content. If you're looking for an email marketing agency to help your business, get in contact!
Email marketing can target a variety of strategies to promote different goals. This can include customer retention with personalised campaigns, generating conversions, promoting new content, reaching out to new customers and much more. As every business is unique, we know that there is not one strategy that works for all. We continually test and adjust our email marketing strategy to find what works for your business and generates the highest results. We also customise our campaigns to suit different industries such as B2B email marketing, e-commerce email marketing, and retail email marketing.