A lot of the time businesses neglect email marketing because they think it doesn’t have a successful click-through rate. Often, this is because the content within the email is not engaging and captivating. We’re here to break this common misconception and give you ideas that you can readily implement to create an engaging and click-worthy email marketing campaign.

There are two main things to pay attention to in an email marketing campaign; the subject line and preview text. This is crucial to consider, as these two factors impact whether or not someone clicks on your email, and here’s why:

1. An attention-grabbing subject line

With 69% of people marking an email as spam even before opening it, the subject line is the make it or break it in terms of click-through rates. You want to have an enticing subject line that doesn’t look like spam and generates curiousity amongst your target audience. Short and sweet subject lines are even more important to make it mobile-friendly, as the subject line on mobile screens are even shorter, so ensure the subject is 60 characters or less.

2. Preview texts

This gives you a chance to “sell” what’s in your email and be the tipping point urging your audience to click on your email. Keep it short, sweet and to the point as the preview text only allows 35 – 140 characters.

email marketing subject line and preview text layout

Before you start writing content:

1. Know Your Campaign Goal

Ask yourself, what is it you want to achieve? Is it to generate more ticket sales? Increase awareness for your brand? Drive more traffic to your website? Setting clear goals will help tailor your content to the right audience, driving a higher click through rate.

Other typical email marketing campaign goals include:

  • Welcoming new subscribers
  • Nurturing existing subscribers
  • Re-engaging subscribers
  • Segmenting subscribers

2. Know Your Audience

Sort through your data to get insights on demographics, geographic location and interests on who your audience is. This data gives you a clear indication of who you should be targeting for certain campaigns and what type of content you should include.

What type of content should I use?

Paceco reveals that a click-through rate of over 10% is good for email marketing.

Move away from static, text only emails as this won’t get you engagement and will lead to people unsubscribing from your mailing list. What you want is eye-catching, dynamic and versatile content that will draw readers in, and make them forget that they might not have signed up to your mailing list in the first place.

Having high-quality and relevant images in your content will likely get you 94% more views than if you had only chosen to use chunks of text. Whether it be stock images, team photos or curated artwork from sites such as Canva, images tend to encourage readers to stay on the page.

These days it’s all about video and in email marketing, it’s no different.

If your email is aimed at educating, video is perfect. Show off ways your products can be used that adds value to customers, such as how-to videos and demonstrations.

Top tip: Ensure your video is between 30 seconds – 1 minute long, as 59% of viewers are less likely to watch it in its entirety if it’s longer than this.

Other types of videos you can use:

  • Animated Gifs
  • Customer testimonials
  • Explainer videoscart abandonment email example

Personalise, personalise, personalise.

Email campaigns with personalised subject lines are 26% more likely to get opened, this includes simple information such as their name and showing content within the email that appeals to their interests.

This is where your audience insights come in handy. By segmenting your list you can create multiple campaigns based on different interests. Using this strategy is proven effective – with marketers seeing a 760% increase in email revenue from these campaigns.

Don’t just stop at the email level; follow through from the email to the destination landing page and ensure there’s continuity in personalisation to keep customers on your website and to bring them to the checkout cart. This way, if they leave the cart, you can follow-up with a personalised email reminder of cart abandonment.

Blogs = Clicks

Blogs are another form of content that can be highlighted in emails. The benefit of blogs is two-fold; not only does it give you create content to promote, but it also directs readers to your website, helping to increase traffic. They offer a great way to break up all the promotional emails and instead give customers content that can be useful and valuable to them.

For example, if you are a skincare company, providing a blog snippet in your newsletter about a skincare routine will increase the likelihood of readers clicking on the blog. This is because it is congruent with your brand, matches the interests of your audience, and is free content for them.

Strong Copy

With shorter attention spans these days, it’s important to only include relevant and enticing copy. As mentioned above, educational copy such as blogs work the best, boosting click-through rates by up to 50% in emails, while personal stories provide that emotional connection with readers.

Always include a call to action (CTA) to every point of conversation within the email and ensure they are short and clear as readers browse through.

Start incorporating some of these in your next email marketing campaign and stand out amongst the crowd. Not convinced that email marketing is still worth your time and attention? Read more about the benefits it will have on your conversion rates and some email marketing best practices.