Social Media Marketing is a powerful tool. When mastered properly, it can increase customer engagement, encourage brand loyalty and help businesses gain traction online. We have showcased some of the smartest social media marketing campaigns of 2018, from more popular brands such as Spotify with #2018Wrapped, to home décor company Wayfair, they each bring something new to the table that all digital marketing companies can learn from.

Spotify #2018Wrapped

For the second year in a row, Spotify’s marketing team hit the jackpot, using an integrated marketing campaign across their social media platforms.

The campaign worked in two parts; the marketing side and the personalised side. Spotify plastered billboards across the world, displaying the year’s hottest music trends, creating buzz and hype from its customers. The second, more personalised part is what’s genius. Spotify also created a personalised breakdown of each individual’s music listening habits. This prompted customers to share their 2018 Wrapped lists across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Key Takeaways:

  • Personalising your product for your customers will help increase customer-company engagement, by making them feel like your company cares about each individual user.
  • It’s not only about creating shareable content, it’s also important for your content to be able to be shareable seamlessly across all social media platforms.

Levi’s #TimeToVote

Levi’s get political with their latest campaign during the U.S. elections. This campaign was created for a good cause to help increase voter registration and turnout.

Supporting social causes helped both Levi’s brand image, as well as increased their brand awareness for a new generation of people. Levi’s released graphic shirts with ‘Vote’ plastered on the front of it, which was worn by notable celebrities. This helped to create celebrity user generated content on their social media accounts and spread word of their campaign at god-speed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Associating your brand with important causes will strengthen your brand image and reputation amongst your customer base.
  • User Generated Content (UGC) is extremely powerful, especially when paired with influencer marketing.

ASOS #AsSeenOnMe and Next Level You

Another company which capitalises on UGC is ASOS. The fashion powerhouse is currently leading in terms of their online engagement, by effectively using UGC.ASOS’ Instagram newsfeed is filled with content reposted by its customers through their on-going campaign, which uses the hashtag #AsSeenOnMe. Customers have the opportunity to feature on ASOS’ Instagram page if they use this hashtag when they post pictures wearing their items. This campaign proved to be a smart and effective way for both the brand to increase customer engagement and inspire their customers.


This campaign helped ASOS gain free advertising and ease of campaign monitoring, with the ability to repost content already created. In turn this also helped to retain brand advocates called ASOS Insiders, through their use of effective social media management.

Another strong campaign from ASOS was the ‘Next Level You’ campaign which used Instagram stories. This campaign reached 3 million viewers, with a 3-point increase in brand awareness in the UK, and a 7-point increase in the United States.

Key Takeaways

  • Experiment with new platforms and features, but make sure you understand them well
  • Create exciting, engaging and native content to the platform


This home ecommerce retailer has continually optimised their social media features to help increase sales and engagement across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

So, what can other digital marketing companies learn from Wayfair? These are the key take-aways.

Capitalise on Instagram’s shoppable features

Instagram’s shoppable posts display a small shopping bag icon on images, and all potential buyers have to do is click on the icon and the product details will appear, including the product name and price details. If the customer wishes to continue to purchase the item, with just a click, they will be directed to a page that gives the option to ‘Shop Now.’ By clicking on it, they will finally be redirected straight to the company’s website, where they can continue to the check-out.

Wayfair took advantage of this feature, pairing it with visually aesthetic posts that would grab users’ attention as they scrolled through Instagram. This shows potential buyers how they can use Wayfair’s products in their own home, giving them inspiration and in turn, encouraging them to buy the product.

Influencer Marketing

To make the shopping feature even more effective, use it alongside influencer marketing. Although they have used famous celebrities such as Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye, what makes Wayfair appear more authentic to users is their partnerships with micro-influencers that align well with their brand image.

Olay #FaceAnything

The #FaceAnything came at the right place and the right time, when female empowerment was strong. This made the impact of this campaign even more effective. Olay brought on board nine influencers that were culturally diverse and aligned with Olay’s values, much like the influencer marketing strategy used by Wayfair.

This type of marketing is extremely valuable to a company, as people tend to trust influencer posts, reviews and recommendations online more than when the post comes directly from the brand themselves

As powerful as social media marketing is, companies need to have clear business and marketing goals in order for any campaign to be as effective as it can be. Businesses need to not be afraid to dive straight into what is popular at the moment, as was the case for ASOS and their Instagram stories campaign, which paid off big time. In every situation, businesses also need to remember to put the customer experience first and carefully plan social media management, as word of mouth travels much faster online.